Hemilton PK-1000 Digital Piano

Digital Pianos PK Series

The PK-1000 digital piano with wood grain finish can provide true piano sound and feel in the elegant and modern cabinet. Standard hammer keyboard boasts sensitive key release andexcellent hand feeling, allowing sound nuance caused by different playing ways and weights to be truly showed.

As a high quality piano and a delicate home funishing art as well, this electric and electronic

keyboard instrument comes with superior DREAM sound source, authentic sampling sampling voice,advanced power amplifier syste,, premiun speakers, etc., producing more natural voice.

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Stylish and Exquisite Cabinet Design

This digital piano with wood grain finish is delicately designed with an artistic upright cabinet.

which owns natural wood grain finish and stoving varnish process, Wine red color makes it more

attractive. Streamline design expresses its elegance and beauty.

Standard Hammer Keyboard

The upright digital piano adoptd self-developed standard hammer action keyboard which can

create a unique weight to each key so as to produce more authentic piano sound.

High Grade Light Ivory Keytops

The white keys feature light ivory keytops that can prevent slipping and owns ture ivory and ebonygrain and feeling.

True Grand Piano Response Pedals

The PK-1000 digital piano with wood grain finish is provided with gold plated authentic grand

piano response pedals which can replicante the delicate nuance of an acoustic piano.

Large LCD Multifunctional Display

On the panel of the electronic musical instrunet, a large LCD multifunctional display is used to

clearly demostrate the function and parameters you select.

64-note Polyphony

The maximum polyphony is up to 64. which gives you the capability to play 60 notes at most in

one time playing.

Variety of Voices and Rhythms

The 88-key digital piano provides 138 voices (8 national tones and 2 drum kits tones, among

which 24 voices can be directly selected from the penal) and 109 rhythms. The variety of the

voices and rhythms makes you free from trouble in selecting them. In addition, search wheel can

help you select uncommon voices and rhythms.

Built-in Songs

There are 6 kinds of songs built in the PK-1000 digital piano with wood grain finish for enjoyment.

Much More Functions

1. Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time.

2. 8 types of reverb effect and 8 types of chorus effect contribute to deeper sound creativity and

more authentic acoustic environment.

3. Volume changing along with your playing speed and intensity can be adjusted. There are 3

kinds of sensitivity setting.

4. The keyboard of this digital piano with wood grain finish can be segmented into two parts, each

of which can provide different voice you like.

Connecting Interfaces

a. Two stereo headphones jacks

b. USB port

c. MIDI in/out USB port

d. Audio output port

Other Parameters

Speakers: 2*40W woofers and 2*10W loudspeakers