Hemilton DK-600 Digital Piano

Digital Pianos DK Series

The DK-600 digital piano is produced with advanced technology from Italy. It is designed with multiple functions, such as accompaniment, songs, display, etc. The electronic musical instrument is suitable for both professionals and entertainers.

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1. The keyboard of the digital piano is produced with top-level technology from Italy. The 88-key hammer action

keyboard gives players the same experience as playing real acoustic piano.

2. Our digital piano with LCD is designed with 168 timbres, including 12 China national timbres and 10 groups of drum kits voices, among which 24 timbres can be selected from the panel, directly. Apart from that, the digital piano comes with 128 rhythms including China national rhythm and 20 kinds of directly selected rhythms.

3. 20 demo songs for appreciation and 80 songs for practice.

4. In addition to French Dream sound source, the delicate push-pull cover makes this musical instrument quite popular.

5. 3 optional playing touches for selection, namely powerful, standard, and gentle, suitable for playing under any circumstance.

6. The digital piano is equipped with multifunctional LCD. The functions keys are installed on the panel. This product supports one-touch operation.

7. Attractively, this range of product is produced with rosewood grain finish.

8. Multiple ports for selection, including two stereophone ports, pedal port, MIDI input/output interface.

Specifications of Digital Piano

Piano Bench Included