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The DK-100A 88-key digital piano adopts high quality rosewood finish in harmony with the living environment of the player. This product has a full-weighted 88-key keyboard with graded hammer action, giving a more piano-like feel. The weighted keys simulate the hammers lifted to strike the strings in a traditional acoustic piano.

1. Thanks to the touch sensitivity control, user can fine tune the musical instrument and make it perfectly suit to his playing style.
2. This 88-key digital piano has 138 stereo PCM voices, providing a wide range of CD-quality sounds.
3. Apart from that, the 100 built-in rhythms with accompaniment control offers fantastic background music for easy jamming as well as for learning.
4. Scientifically designed, the built-in digital chorus effect adds more depth and realism to your music, because it is capable of imitating the way sound bounces around the room.
5. The 2 stereo headphone outputs make playing through headphones a pleasure. The built-in full range speakers and amplifier provide a high quality sound just as a natural piano.
6. The 88-key digital piano makes late night practice possible because it supports music playing through loudspeaker or at a lower volume to avoid disturbing others.
7. Our electronic musical instrument is designed with rosewood finish and traditional cabinet.
8. The foldable keyboard cover makes this product suitable for application at home, school or the studio.
9. In addition, the 88-key digital piano is equipped with beautiful music stand, three brass pedals, LED display, etc.

88 fully weighted full sized keys with hammer action [GHA] for realistic feeling
Sustain pedal, sostenuto pedal and soft pedal
64-note polyphony-User can play up to 64 notes. In addition, the longest note can be achieved.
The 88-key digital piano is capable of producing 138 different voices, starting with a grand piano sound sampled from a real grand piano, string instruments, percussion, and more.
Meticulously designed, this product also supports playing with complete accompaniment, by just simply playing the chords with left hand. The piano will do the rest for you. A variety of 100 different styles and rhythms provide multiple choice to you, from jazz to rock’n’roll.
A built-in recorder makes it possible for you to record and compose your own songs. This function is warmly welcomed by song writers or those who want to become one.
This 88-key digital piano is deigned with multiple built-in digital effects: 7 different types of reverb to simulate the chorus at the concert hall.
1. Dual Timbre Mode-This allows you to play two sounds at the same time, for example, piano timbre and chord.

2. Split Keyboard Mode-Players can split the keyboard into 2 sections and assign different sounds to each section. For example, play bass guitar on the left hand side and a piano melody on the right hand side. The function is quite useful for teaching.

3. Built-in metronome can help you exercise your rhythm sensation.

1. 2 headphone outputs make it possible for you to play silently, even at late night, without disturbing others.

2. Users can connect the 88-key digital piano directly to PC or MAC through USB MIDI interface and use advanced recording software such as CUBASE, Protools, Logic, etc.

3. Trough the line output, user can connect your digital pianoforte to an external amplifier or mixing desk for louder voice, which is an ideal function for live recording or gigs.

This range of product has 2 powerful 14 watt speakers, making it possible for you to enjoy the sound of your 88-key digital piano even at high volume.
Length : 1390mm
Width : 410mm
Height : 830mm(Packing size)

Hemilton DK-100A Digital Piano

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